Me, Myself & I: Synopsis

Mary Yately, a young mother of four, has been voted "Mum of the Year" by the local paper. A young reporter, Mr. Beech, is dispatched to interview her. This proves more difficult than expected as suddenly we are introduced to the other two sides of her personality, Myself and I, and find them sometimes less than in agreement. However, she is drawn to him. She describes her life in dialogue and song and, somewhat confused, he leaves, but not before he asks to see her again.

Part Two opens with this supposed follow-up meeting but Mr. Ash, an older, sourer reporter tackles his job in a rather different way, delving a bit deeper than is comfortable. Finally, I calls his bluff and in the face of a brazen proposition he rapidly disappears.

Mary's husband appears in Part Three. It's clear that things are not too loving between them at present. They reminisce - their first meeting, the children, the problems. Finally, however, her husband declares his deep love for her, and they both resolve to give their marriage another chance.

(Synopsis by and copyright of Paul Todd; it refers to the original production at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round)

The Songs Of Me, Myself & I

This is the song order for Me, Myself & I at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round in 1981, when it consisted of three separate shows. The songs from the two-act version first performed at the National Theatre - and now the definitive version - are listed at the bottom of the page.
1. Recitative
2. Me, Myself and I
3. Paper Baby Orphan
4. Song of my childhood
5. Lullaby for Mothers
6. My House
7. Hindsight
8. Wife-Swap Dance
9. Have you ever Thought?
10. Me, Myself and I (Reprise)
1. Recitative
2. No More
3. Electric Woman
4. Closer
5. Enigma
6. Teaching the Children
7. Recitative II
8. Where?
9. Now and Again
10. Another Bite
11. Me, Myself and I (Reprise)
1. Recitative
2. Somebody New
3. Interview
4. I don't want to do it
5. Unlikely
6. Recitative II
7. Nutshell
8. Children's Dreams
9. Open for Love
10. Me, Myself and I (Reprise)
Two Act Version (Act I)
1. Recitative I
2. Somebody New
3. Song Of My Childhood
4. I don't Want To Do It
5. My House
6. Unlikely
7. Wife Swap Dance
8. Open For Love
9. Me, Myself And I
Two Act Version (Act II)
1. Recitative II
2. No More
3. Electric Woman
4. Closer
5. Teaching The Children
6. Recitative III
7. Where?
8. Have You Ever Thought?
9. Another Bite
10. Me, Myself And I (reprise)
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.